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 Frequently asked questions for friction hinge

 . What is friction hinge?
   Friction hinge is a hinge with contant torque to hold a device in any fixed postion,
   the application that used friction hinge is commonly known as laptop.

 . Besides standard friction hinges, does Shinelot provide custom hinges?
   If our standard friction hinges wont fit we can offer solutions below:
   Semi-custom- we can modify a standard friction hinge to meet your requirement
   True-custom- we can help you design the optimal  hinges for your product.
   To achieve the best result, please work with our engineers during initial process.

  . Are corrosion resistant friction hinges available?
    Yes, Shinelot provide corrosion resistant friciton hinges for top class car,
    laptops, marine, medical  products and outdoor application like BBQ, grill etc.    

  . Does Shinelot provide detent friction hinges?
    Shinelot doest not offer this feature with a standard friction hinges, only in
    a custom hinge application.

  . Does Shinelot provide a friciton hinge with  a stop?
    Yes, stop is available, but only in a custom hinge application.

  . Does Shinelot provide asymmetric torque friction hinges?
    Both symmetric and asymmetric toque hinges are available.

  . How long does Shinelot standard friction hinges can maintain?
    Life cycle time for Shinelot friction hinge is exeeding 30,000 cycles, it can last
    at least 8 years  if you open/close 10 times a day.


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