Our philosophy

Engineering Development

Shinelot excels in the manufacturing of friction hinges with a strong commitment to help its customers accomplish the most intricate design. Our focus on innovation and constant refinement of manufacturing skills propel us ahead of competition and setting industry standard to serve the advancement of OEM customers.

Shinelot prides itself in crafting fluent friction hinges with consistent torque in tolerance control while extending use to more than 30,000 cycles. Our superior quality of craftsmanship has enabled us to build a customer base that continue to entrust us with one of the most vital parts of their design. Our pledge to provide consistency in our products as well competitive pricing to assist our customer achieve the product they envision as well as gaining their satisfaction.

Our engineers and craftsmen will help ensure the design of your friction hinge tailored to your device with the superior quality we promise. The efficiency of our work will not only save time and cost, but most importantly providing high performing friction hinges that are impeccable in craftsmanship.



Manufacturing Capability and Quality Assurance

Shinelot has been instrumental in the global production of friction hinges in order to allow international suppliers to provide global manufacturers of OEM devices with high demands of friction hinges. We emphasize in quality control of our products to comply with our customers’s demands. Our assembling lines are flexibly adjustable in compliance with the customers’ needs and able to produce more than 100,000 friction hinges each week. The quality assurance of our products along with our commitment to withhold clients’s exclusive designs from divulgence is greatly due to our in-house production facilities have gained us distinguishable customer relation and reputable satisfaction.

Shinelot consistency in gaining customer satisfaction is partly to our success in paying meticulous attention to customer’s requests and implementing them every step of production through test program and continual interaction with our customers. We base our design of friction hinges to function strictly to the vision of our client’s requests as well as promptness of delivery indicated.

Shinelot offers prompt deliveries to meet the customers’ requirements. Our dedication to obtain the satisfaction of our customers through our outstanding quality of craftsmanship is assured in each friction hinge we produce may it be 100 or 100,000. Shinelot’s formidable work ethics repeatedly won the trust of our customers and allowing us to implement the envision design that provide proper function as well as product assurance.

Shinelot prioritizes the quality of our friction hinges and customer relation as being the virtues of our company rather than boasting being the largest or leading production company. We take pride in each friction hinge we produce because it represents us managers, engineers, craftsmen and craftswomen, and our sincerity of service to help our customers give substance to their design. Our mission is to exceed our customers’s expectations as well as maintaining our superior quality of product above the industry standards.


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